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10 Good Study Tips

  • Don’t procrastinate – look through your study materials as soon as you get them and plan.
  • Get Started. Today. Now! Read through the study material.
  • Get organised. Improve your time management skills and get yourself organised. This sometimes means changing the way you have done things in the past or how you go about the task.
  • Keep your tasks bite-sized. It is amazing how much you can achieve if you set aside one hour of time somewhere in each day. All those little bites make a meal out of study.
  • For larger tasks like assignments, set aside blocks of quality time without interruptions.
  • Help yourself ‘get in the zone’ by creating a study atmosphere. Have a special place to study.
  • Let your friends and family know what you’re doing and why. Let others know what you need in terms of time; renegotiate household tasks and let your friends know you won’t be available just before an assignment is due.
  • Contact your DE teacher. If you have any difficulties with the interpretation of an assignment question or the academic content.
  • Your subject forum is another avenue of support and assistance open to you. Other students are often helpful in discussing and clarifying assignment expectations.
  • Think positively and reward yourself for each achievement. You are studying for yourself, so give yourself a pat on the back each time you take a step towards your end goal then move on. We do have many more hints and tips to share regarding this topic so read our Distance Education newsletter “The RATTLER” to pick up handy senior level assistance.