Years I to 5

During Years 1 to 5, our aim is to develop the speaking, thinking, literacy and numeracy skills which are so vital for your child’s foundation years.

The programme approaches all aspects of the Australian Curriculum from a Biblical world view. Students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation, curiosity and awareness of the world, created for us by a loving and all-powerful God.

Children learn in many different ways, but they all benefit from hands-on participation. Children learn and interact with the world via their senses. They need to see, touch, taste, smell or hear actual objects while learning (using ‘concrete’ materials).

The guidelines below suggest approximately how much time should generally be spent in each curriculum area for a Year 3 student.

This programme has not been designed to cover all subject areas every week. English, Maths, and HPE (core subjects) are covered every day. Science, History, Geography, Technology and The Arts are covered at different stages in the Programme within themed units. As far as possible, the Programme aims to integrate Topic Studies with the core subjects.

Years I to 5 subjects