Years I to 5 Helping hands

Reading Bible stories, other stories, poetry and magazines or comics to your child is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy written language together. Try to find time each day to read with your child. This is an excellent way to develop oral language and the skills of prediction and reflection.

‘Prediction’ asks your child to forecast what will happen using the information they already have from the story, and also their life experiences; they use this to make reasonable judgements.

‘Reflection’ asks your child to think carefully about what they have just heard or read. It may be an important discovery for your child, a revelation, or a means for them to link ideas that have been forming for a while.

Asking questions can reinforce your child’s comprehension:

Prediction: “What might happen next?” or “What would happen if…”

Reflection: “I wonder if he could have done ___ instead of ___?”

Responses to character: “Who is your favourite character? What do you like or dislike about him/her? Should they have done anything differently?”