While young children often change their thoughts on what they want to do “when they grow up”, this decision becomes a little more real with each year they progress towards life beyond school. With this in mind, here at Riverside we offer programs that are flexible and allow each student to work towards life beyond school in an area that they are interested in. We also support you as the parent in guiding your child through what can be quite a daunting process by giving advice and offering opportunities to hear from tertiary institution representatives at some of our Workshop days.

The following are optional Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) pathways available for Senior School Students:

Vocational Pathway: In the vocational pathway students have a selection of subjects that will prepare them for a vocational future. Students can incorporate Certificate courses, school based traineeships and school based apprenticeships, into their full-time study load. Vocational pathways are currently available and conducted with certificate courses.

Academic Pathway: In the academic pathway, students begin to prepare for higher education entry. In this pathway students can incorporate a University entry program as a part of their load.

University Entry Programs: Most Universities offer Year 11 and 12 students an opportunity to do a University course as a part of their senior studies.