Virtual High School Education


Virtual Education

Distance Education’s virtual learning takes education to the next level of advanced technology, where students have so much more flexibility to select their learning pathways. This is particularly essential as the student reaches their Middle-school years (Yr 7) and begin to consider elective subjects and courses for high school. Students attending a virtual high school discover that it allows them to prepare for the culture shift of University studies and to focus without the noisy classroom distractions and disruptions.

In some cases students find that they have more time to socialise because they completed their work more efficiently, or they were able to select further courses and fast-track their way to their chosen career.

Riverside’s Distance Education allows students to engage with their teacher via ‘Live’ online sessions, where they can meet to discuss things with their fellow classroom peers. Virtual learning (without the use of paper-based booklets) commences as an option from Year 7. Students can choose what suits their personal situation and learning style and receive booklet form, virtual only or a combination of both.