Our Riverside curriculum contains an Activity Log at the back of every Worksheet booklet—Prep to Year 6. Other year levels are provided separately within the curriculum materials that are mailed.

Activity Logs are removed from the Worksheets booklet, and filled in weekly and returned to your teacher, along with any other required work.

Each term a Calendar is sent to our families which clearly outlines the dates to send in your Activity Logs and work.

Activity Logs can be returned via, post, dropbox or email.

Please contact our friendly administration team if you are missing or have misplaced your Activity Log, or simply click on the link you require below.

2016 ACE & Alternate Activity and Attendance Log T4W1-T4W5

2016 RCURR Activity and Attendance Log Y7 T4W1-T4W5

2016 RCURR Activity and Attendance Log Y8 T4W1-T4W5

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