Remote Learning – Australia wide

In many ways it is obvious that families who chose to live in remote and rural areas in Queensland are serious about the education of their children, just as those who live in the largely populated urban regions. Riverside Distance Education brings the finest Australian curriculum to your home in rural Queensland. Our curriculum is developed taking the changing educational needs and evolving technology into consideration.

Students who learn via remote learning have more advantages than disadvantages, which is contrary to what you will hear or read in many school publications or promotional materials. It would seem that a stigma or misconception has been propagated that distance education, correspondence school, home education, home schooling or whatever other titles you may call it, are going to disadvantage your children. Homeschoolers miss the credit, the truth is modern distance education in rural and remote Queensland can prepare students to be just as competitive in college and in the real world, as their peers who attend traditional schools. Do a quick internet search and you will discover just how many famous and successful people were and are in fact home schooled. You will be surprised.

Any family, remote or urban can access Riverside’s curriculum and homeschool their children. Our curriculum is designed to empower students to realise their potential and make them ready for a bright future. Remove the expensive boarding school fees, uniforms and replacing those lost jumpers and hats, or the school-time traffic jams. Choosing Riverside’s curriculum has one very distinct advantage over all others, because it has been written in Australia for Aussie kids.