Home School Learning Options in Queensland


Modern Home schooling

So what does modern home schooling look like? One thing we do know is that technology has come such a long way in just the past 30 years. Home schooling for some people has remained to their mind and belief that it is out of date or behind the times. In some cases this is reality, where some providers are handing out the same curriculum that was used 50 years ago. With the advancement in knowledge and technology the old materials are quite antiquated and a poor reflector for how vibrant and positive home schooling via Distance Education can be when using Riverside Distance Education.

At Riverside Christian College, we have had the vision for providing quality distance education for many years, having laid the foundations for and being the first Queensland independent school to deliver education to homes all over Australia.

It was this spike and advancement in technology that urged Riverside to stay ahead of other providers and discontinue using out of date materials and to have our professional teaching staff develop our own curriculum which is aligned to Australian standards. Thus educating children from home using this modern home schooling material is equally as good as what your child would receive from a school classroom,