Modern Home schooling

So what does modern home schooling look like? One thing we do know is that technology has come such a long way in just the past 30 years. Home schooling for some people has remained to their mind and belief that it is out of date or behind the times. In some cases this is reality, where some providers are handing out the same curriculum that was used 50 years ago. With the advancement in knowledge and technology the old materials are quite antiquated and a poor reflector for how vibrant and positive home schooling via Distance Education can be when using Riverside Distance Education.

At Riverside Christian College, we have had the vision for providing quality distance education for many years, having laid the foundations for and being the first Queensland independent school to deliver education to homes all over Australia.

It was this spike and advancement in technology that urged Riverside to stay ahead of other providers and discontinue using out of date materials and to have our professional teaching staff develop our own curriculum which is aligned to Australian standards. Thus educating children from home using this modern home schooling material is equally as good as what your child would receive from a school classroom, without all of the constant distractions and time wasted in travel, not to mention the savings to the household budget.

Students excel using our modern home schooling curriculum, which comes delivered to your door in a bright box filled with all of the resources for the entire Term, or it can be delivered via your computer, laptop or iPad/tablet. Students love the modern structure of the material and can work independently through their day, often completing their requirements early because they don’t have the classroom distractions to slow them down.

This allows many to pursue external sporting/training or personal recreation during the day and avoiding those busy after school time traffic times and oversized training classes.

The flexibility that comes with modern home schooling via Riverside’s Distance Education is very attractive to many families who want the best opportunities for their children. Students who study via distance education are very motivated and self-disciplined and find the transition into University studies very easy.

Many of our parents who supervise their children using our modern curriculum tell us how they love the structure and find that they themselves are being educated and updated.

Home education can be very challenging for parents if they do not have a proper guidance, extensive resources and standardised curriculum to follow. At Riverside Distance Education we strive to provide quality home school education in Queensland and beyond, through live support, engaging resources and well-structured modern curriculum.

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