Australian Education Overseas


Overseas And International Education

Most home schooling families are required to develop and implement the learning program for each of their children, and source their own curriculum materials etc. Curriculum resources that are easily accessed have been developed in the United States for American students, and are not always suitable for Australian students. However, Riverside Distance Education’s international home schooling curriculum is developed according to Australian standards by our teaching staff and updated regularly to accommodate changing educational needs.

To ensure that students can easily relate to academic resources, our resources are developed using Australian style of language and culture.

Our teaching staff are available online for any assistance, discussions and home schooling tips for all international students. Keeping up with the latest academic developments, we also offer virtual classrooms that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This virtual classroom can be used by families anywhere in Australia or overseas. A common line from families who make the switch from other home schooling providers to Riverside’s Distance Education have said that they now enjoy the experience of educating from home