Years 9 to 12

What a busy time of life! Yes, we understand the pressures of children becoming independent and their concerns for what is around the corner and their future goals. Paying close attention to their academic strengths and weaknesses and provide the extra support to build their confidence is one of the many things the Home Tutor.

Year 10 begins a very important phase in a student’s academic preparation. During Year 10 a number of things need to take place to ensure that young people are on the best academic pathway suited for their preferred career or future studies. During Year 10 students need to be registered for a Learner Unique Identifier(LUI)number, complete a SETP and select their senior subjects.

Our Riverside Distance Education staff take care of all these details and we work closely with our Year 10 students to assist them during this transitional time. This process is a very important one as the correct selection of subjects at this stage will ensure that young people are provided with future educational and vocational opportunities, call one of our teachers today.