Virtual Middle School For Kids In Years 6 to 8


Years 6 to 8

It is very important for the student to know how well they are doing as they learn. This is because the knowledge that they are doing well gives them a sense of achievement which motivates them to learn more. Similarly, it is also important to let them know when they have made a mistake so that they will learn from it and take corrective measures.

As students learn through the virtual middle school curriculum they are motivated to complete each unit of work and can track their progress and results.

An important dimension of feedback is its immediacy. The longer the time gap between the completion of the work and its feedback, the less effective the feedback becomes. Ideally, feedback should be provided within minutes after the completion of a task (e.g. immediately after a children asks or answers a question). Feedback should also be given to children as frequently as possible. Ideally, a child should receive feedback for each and every assigned task in the process.

The option is yours for online or paper-based learning, either way our teaching staff at Riverside Distance Education are always available to provide effective feedback and assessment of your child through our middle school program.