Years 1 to 5 Curriculum


Years I to 5

During Years 1 to 5, our aim is to develop the speaking, thinking, literacy and numeracy skills which are so vital for your child’s foundation years.

At the beginning of each term you will receive all the material for the term. This includes all unit booklets, and resources from the College library. In Term one you will also receive your Soundwaves text (Scrapbook & Student Workbook) and a selection of art materials and stationery to help you set up your school kit. In term two you will also be provided with your iMaths Student Workbook.

Our teaching staff also offer weekly Online sessions with students from each class, and this provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other under teacher guidance, to enjoy various educational games and activities together.

Children learn in many different ways, but they all benefit from hands-on participation. Children learn and interact with the world via their senses. They need to see, touch, taste, smell or hear actual objects while learning (using ‘concrete’ materials).